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Help those impacted by the COVID Economy and those who are in need.

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Our Story

THE TOGETHER PROJECT (TTP), part of the Cambodian NGO Rural Schools Support Organization (RSSO). TTP founded in 2019 to deal with the impact Covid-19 had on the economy of Cambodia.

In March of 2020, the Landmine Relief Fund, an American charity started working with RSSO to distribute food to those who lost their job and saw their support system collapse. Buying 20 tons of rice, they thought it would last 6 months. By the end of the year, they had distributed over 250 metric tons of food. With each 10 kg bag of rice they also distributed a bag of ‘condiments’, including 10 packs of instant noodles, a bottle of soy and fish sauce, salt, and sugar. Each bag of rice provides 100 servings.

TTP is now moving to establish sustainable, long term programs so people can help themselves.

What we've achieved so far!

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Together Project RSSO Green House Program

Our Sustainable Farm Program

Greenhouses and hydroponics – Greenhouses can be established in participating villages across the province. Working with an agronomist from RUA, we will have built a Hydroponic greenhouse (10m x 28m) capable of growing organic foods. The villagers are being taught by the RUA agronomists on what to grow, and how to grow it. The agronomists then buy the harvested crop from the villagers and sell it to local markets and grocery stores actively looking for the products. The profits are split between the village and TTP. Villagers receive the majority of the money, with net profit used to fund the program.

Mushroom House - The mushroom house (4m x 6m) at our sustainable farm is used to grow rice straw mushrooms, an ingredient used extensively in different Asian cuisines and is packed with nutrients. TTP's mushroom house produces 30-40 kg per harvest every 4 days. The mushrooms have 3 harvests per life cycles. The total amount the mushroom house can produce is 70-100kg.

Community Net Gardens – Beginning with the 27 rural schools that have been built by RSVP, community net gardens will be established, growing consumable food to feed villagers in places that have little access to water, no electricity, and are inaccessible during rains. Our Farm has a netted garden with a drip-irrigation system (28m x 28m) that is being maintained by our agronomists, interns from RUA, who teach the villagers to plant and harvest food. The Cambodian government wants to install gardens like this in each high school in the country. The RSVP schools are too far from these high schools, which is why we are actively working towards installing net gardens and mushroom houses at our schools.

Mushroom House Projects

Mushroom House at the Farm – This is the farming project that we have been focusing the most on at the Farm, and has had the greatest response from the community. At the Farm we have had interns from RUA who have already begun their own mushroom houses on their property. We have also been teaching high school students in the nearby area who have been using their only day off from school, Sunday, to come and learn from our agronomists.

Mushroom House at Bakong HS - As a result of the extreme interest expressed by students and the faculty of nearby schools, TTP has partnered with Bakong HS to build a mushroom house on school property. This is the first step to achieving our goal of bringing mushroom houses to every one of the RSVP schools.

TTP & Green Gecko - A couple of years ago Green Gecko built a mushroom house. However, when the people who built the house and had all the knowledge on how to run the project left, Green Gecko was unable to maintain it. As a result, the mushroom house has been sitting idle, begging for someone to come work on it. Hearing about our successes, Green Gecko contacted TTP in February of 2022 to give it to TTP. If you're interested in running this mushroom house, do not hesitate to contact us!

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The Together Project has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with both the Royal University of Agriculture and the Landmine Relief Fund.