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we strive to build up the farming communities throughout Cambodia, targeted to those of whom struggle with malnourishment and increasing their income. At our organic farm, our team teaches farmers essential, healthy agricultural practices in order to help them eat healthier and to earn higher profitability.

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Located in Bakong, 30km east of Siem Reap, our farm consists of four main parts:

With natural fertilizers, students grow crops such as lettuce, kale, broccoli, cucumber, melon, and much more.

Crops here are grown without soil, instead relying on our nutrient-rich solution with, thereby optimizing space, nutrients and water.

This house’s tender can use two ingredients – widely available straw and a spore solution – to produce, in a 4 by 6 meter building, up to 100 kilos of mushrooms a month. The building on-site grows its fair share of mushrooms, but first and foremost serves as a model in TTP’s Mushroom Project, the purpose of which is building replicas at Cambodian schools where children are educated in growing it themselves. So far, we have built 17 houses and plan to expand!

In our classroom, our pupils can learn pen-to-paper when they aren’t learning hand-to-soil. The building is 8 by 16 meters and has housed class sessions of up to 50 students. Currently, we are constructing a co-ed dormitory to open our doors to all interested, in-need Cambodians.

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