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TTP IS FUNDED ENTIRELY BY PRIVATE DONATIONS. Funding primarily comes from Landmine Relief Fund, a US-based 501c3 charity. Landmine Relief Funds receives donations from around the world and funds several Cambodian sister NGOs. Landmine Relief Fund has been active in Cambodia since 2003. The charity funds Cambodian Self Help Demining; Rural Schools Village Program, which has built 27 schools in Cambodia, often where Cambodian Self-Help Deming has cleared landmines; The Together Project; and the Cambodian Landmine Museum.

In late 2020, working with an agronomist who had recently graduated from the Royal University of Agriculture (RUA) in Phnom Penh, The Together Project established a Sustainable Farm program.

Green House Together Project RSSO

Where does the money go?

OPERATIONAL COSTS: funding supports the basic operations of The Together Project. This includes: employee (3) salaries, agricultural materials, greenhouse/hydroponic greenhouse/mushroom house maintenance, etc.

MUSHROOM HOUSES: The Together Project has funded and built 2 mushroom houses at local schools. The mushrooms are sold and eaten. Some of the profit goes to the school and the rest is distributed among students who contributed. The Together Project plans to build more mushroom houses at schools and in rural villages. Mushroom houses can provide up to $450 a month, this goes a long way in Cambodia.