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TTP IS FUNDED ENTIRELY BY PRIVATE DONATIONS. The primary funding organization is the Landmine Relief Fund (LMRF). LMRF receives donations from around the world and funds programs that the Rural Schools Support Organization (RSSO) manages. The LMRF has been active in Cambodia since 2003; their first mission helping an ex-child soldier, Aki Ra, clear landmines. Since then they help to clear landmines and fund Cambodian Self Help Demining (CSHD), they support the Cambodian Landmine Museum, and they fund another RSSO initiative: Rural Schools Village Program (RSVP), which has built 27 schools in Cambodia; often where CSHD has cleared landmines.

TTP decided in late 2020 to continue the program they thought would last only part of the year. They decided, however, that it needed to move in a different direction. Working with an agronomist who had recently graduated from the Royal University of Agriculture (RUA) in Phnom Penh, it was decided to establish a Sustainable Farm program that would teach people how to grow food to eat, and sell the excess in the growing organic market in Siem Reap.

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Where the money goes?

GREENHOUSES: To build a 10 meter x 20 meter greenhouse, with all its functioning parts and producing a crop is $17,000. That includes the physical greenhouse structure, all the plants, stands, water system, pumps and electrical systems to operate.

We will only build greenhouses in villages who agree to participate and contribute. The minimum contribution would be land. The LMRF will fund the construction of the greenhouse after an MoU is signed with the village ensuring workers and security on site.

The LMRF intends to source funding from agricultural universities around the world.

Aquaponds – The cost of an aqua pond will vary on location. We will have to build a 28 meter x 8 meter above ground Aqua Pond and buy the initial stock of fish, frogs, etc.. We are budgeting $20,000, although this will undoubtedly change as we gain experience and scale down the size to build less expensive aqua ponds.